NexJ IoT

NexJ’s IoT Business Intelligence solution enables manufacturers to aggregate data and generate reliable decision support, in real-time, at the machine, line, plant, and global levels.


Conduct cross-site comparative performance analytics

Identify repeatable practices of high performance sites

Predict potential failures and slowdowns before they happen

Reduce service costs and minimize downtime


NexJ’s solution for IoT Business intelligence provides real-time insights into the operation and efficiency of a manufacturer with factories around the globe. 

With NexJ, firms can aggregate real-time plant telemetry, historical data, and business information, such as ERP systems, issue demand plan refactoring, or plant resource management in real-time. Firms can share this data in actionable dashboards at the plant level and in global dashboards viewed in Microsoft Azure’s connected factory solution, where it can enable reliable decision support and strategic global initiatives.

Manufacturers can use this information to identify and embed best practices across the enterprise, predict machine and line failures, reduce service costs, and minimize downtime.

NexJ’s solution for IoT Business Intelligence consists of NexJ IoT Edge for Microsoft Azure to provide plant-wide monitoring, and NexJ IoT Cloud Data Foundry for Microsoft Azure to enable global analysis and optimization in Microsoft Azure’s connected factory.


NexJ IoT Edge for Microsoft Azure (“NexJ Edge”) is an on-premise data aggregator that enables manufacturers to: 

Aggregate sensor data by machine, line, and plant

Collect telemetry data in real-time from production lines using heterogeneous device integration

View data in consolidated line and plant-wide dashboards

NexJ Edge connects natively with market-leading PLC brands, including legacy equipment and machines that don’t support OPC UA. NexJ Edge normalizes data such as production counts, fault codes, and process variables that are implemented inconsistently across machines, transforms it into actionable data, and serves it up in meaningful plant management dashboards.With NexJ Edge, plant management can relate sensor relays to equipment, sub-systems, and production lines for faster response to issues and proactive maintenance.

For cross-plant analysis, NexJ Edge delivers plant data to NexJ IoT Cloud Data Foundry for Microsoft Azure, for use in the Microsoft Azure connected factory solution. Data is obfuscated and aggregated by NexJ Edge before transmission to the Microsoft Azure cloud to ensure trade secrets and intellectual property are fully protected.

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NexJ IoT Cloud Data Foundry for Microsoft Azure (“NexJ Cloud Data Foundry”) is an analytics pre-processor, data aggregator, and data feed. 

NexJ Cloud Data Foundry combines plant telemetry with normalized historical data and business information,
such as operator logs, data historian systems, maintenance management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning,
Health & Safety information, end-of-line quality systems, to generate cross-site comparative performance analytics.

NexJ delivers this consolidated and normalized data set to Microsoft Azure’s connected factory solution,
where manufacturers can:

  • Provision data sets for analytics & machine learning to run analytics for individual plants, compare plants to improve operations, leverage machine learning to build predictive maintenance and repair models for machines, and reduce service costs.
  • Leverage the built-in notification and event engine to alert key stakeholders at the plant and global operations levels when pre-defined events occur
  • View summary data and analytics results in Microsoft connected factory to identify trends in and across plants, compare and optimize performance and output, implement cost controls, monitor predictive maintenance outcomes, and understand the financial impacts of operational decisions

NexJ Cloud Data Foundry leverages the robust security protocols of Microsoft Azure to protect data held in the cloud, and protect physical plant assets from cyber-attack.

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